Sunday, 9 June 2013

Today I've got sun

There are always good things in your life. Sometimes it is harder to see them and sometimes you just can't see them at all. But they are always there. Things worth being alive for. Amazing things, fucking class things!!!

I'm quite smart. I'm not ugly. Yeah I wish I was a ten but most of the time I think I can make do with what I got. Mad hair but great hair. I've got money, a nice place to live and a job that isn't killing me. Finally completed a year at college. Two nephews and a niece that I love to bits even if they do my head in most of the time. Some good memories.

Couple of good things coming up too. A mates wedding in Rome. Can't wait. Stag in Edinburgh in four weeks. really can't wait. I have abilities. I am capable of doing so much if I give myself the chance. Can't sing though. That really bothers me!

What is the best thing? Friends...

 I've got this one friend who is always up for the rip and ready for the banter. I love it because sometimes I need to be dragged.

There's another who is the biggest babe I know. definitely my go to girl for fashion advice. Also for pics of random facial expressions

The there is the one I used to live with. Miss those days. He  might be on the edge of crazy sometimes but it always stays on the fun side. Keeps things interesting.

I've one who is the most caring person in the world but wouldn't want everyone to know that. You're all front kid. Maybe one of the funniest people I know too.

Then there's the pure clumsy flirt. Clumsy because I've never known anyone to walk into things or just fall as often as she does. Flirt only because she can't help it. And why should she?

I've a friend who acts as my events planner and diary keeper. There is something I really need. It's so important to have good things to look forward to. Always up for the rip too. Going to be some good times coming up.

One of my friends is kind of a Mr Sensible if you didn't know him that well. I do. There is plenty of madness in there you just keep it better hidden than the rest. Poland drinking champion. Soon to be destroyed in Edinburgh.

Another friend is maybe one of the happiest people I have ever met in my life. I mean the kind of happy that is so infectious it makes everyone else happy too. Sometimes she might have her work cut out with me.

Another friend I have is my intellectual sounding board. Someone I can actually talk to about books I've read. That's just one thing. This guy fits in everywhere for me. Holidays, pints, ladies and the craic.

There is a friend I have who I almost feel the need to be like an older brother to. He's much more successful than me in most things but there is still something there that needs protecting.

A friend who is a milf. Shame is I just wish I was able to help her as much as she has helped me but I can't. Probably saved my life once and doesn't even know. Some people you like before you even know them. It was like that for me with you.

One of my friends is almost like my little baby sister. I'll look out for her and she looks out for me. This is the friend that know the things about me that nobody else in the world does. It is special having someone like that. She is making me want to find my best. x

Should mention my lost best friend. Lost to a relationship and swallowed by the big city. No bad thing. I'm happy to be honest. Just missing the old craic sometimes.

I have this one friend in work who can make me smile even on the worst days. Most genuinely lovely person I know. It's good too because we can have some laughs exchanging all the gossip we shouldn't even know.

It's all these people that see all the good in me. It's for them that feel gutted when I'm not myself. when I'm being a dickhead.

Oh and I've got sunglasses and today I've got sun.

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