Sunday, 2 June 2013

Just the weekend

I've got nothing. Seriously cannot think of one interesting thing to write about from my weekend. Maybe that is just because I didn't drink. More likely not. Sitting in front of a computer screen with still fingers when all I have to do is stick down a few events and lessons learned. It's daft, but right now my memory doesn't appear to be working correctly. My brain is fried. Tonight is a night for tv and nothing else. I'm not fit to read never mind write.

Fuck it. Three things from the weekend to talk about. anything. Yeah I got it. Pick three things, say something about each, make it seem emotional and interesteing. Tidy it up, check the spelling(apparently i'm good at that), hit post and there you have a blog that looks like at least some substantial effort was put in. But remember Cooncash, don't let anyone know how lazy you've been this time

Appointment with my therapist or whatever it is they're called. I honestly don't know. This wasn't fun. Being told that if I continue to live as I have up until this point that theres the very real possibility that I may cross the line you can't come back from. I wasn't loling this time. The thing is, it seems the booze is putting me in a position of danger where I may not be able to control myself. Don't I sound edgy and dark. Moviestar cool.

Worked. Went for coffee with two mates this evening. Saturday nights ain't what the used to be. Of the two lads one I'm always happy to see, the other I could probably have avoided for another month. Sad to say, but true. Some babes in grounded tonight too. I wondered could I pull in a coffeeshop and thought probably not in Newry. When I relayed this to someone else they told me they couldn't even walk up to a girl without being drunk. Sounds good to me.

Worked. So blame work for this shitty post. You know what? blame work for everything. I was born to be an hereditory playboy but never recieved my yacht. Oh well, back to work. Laughing today at how I am the most unscroupulous gossip in history. I can't hold my piss. It's hilarious though because I keep getting told all the dirty little secrets. Even more amusing when I tell everyone else what I know. Yes I am a gossip whore. Could have been the Max Clifford of that place. Now I'm just a 3am girl.

No drink. Whoop. But really not that bad a weekend overall to be honest. Strenghtened some friendships. That'll keep me happy. A comment wouldn't be missed either but I know how hard it is thinking of something to write

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