Tuesday, 21 May 2013

First test

Okay, so the first big big test is about to arrive and last night I could really feel my resolve begin to weaken. On Thursday I will have my last exam if my first year of college. Of course I had planned for this well in advance with a mega-rip that night in belfast. Only now I've made a deal with someone that I would make a real honest stab at staying sober.
        All I could think about last night was how much I want to be drunk on Thursday. I mean come on, I have earned it, haven't I? See, I know I'll have a great night if I drink but if I don't start here then where? when?
        Anyway I am still not convinced when I hear people say there is pleasure in abstinence. I want to indulge. No, I want to over indulge. I was going to say where's the harm in that, unfortunately though, I know exactly where the harm lies.
It's not unheard of for people to have fun sober, right?

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